Here at Millennium Nails we are experts at creating beautiful nail extensions, whether it is a natural look, a permanent French or a Wow Bling Glitter nails. Our talented team can create the look you want and what other wish they had!







Acrylic tip overlay or sculptured       Shellac is the 14 day gel polish (French    
  Master Senior Tech or colour) that is guaranteed to be    
Full Set Permanent French 40 35 25 instantly dry, won't chip, scratch or lose    
Full Set Natural 40 35 25 its shine. Will also give natural nails that    
2 Week Rebalance 17 16 15 little extra strength    
3 Week Rebalance 19 18 16      
4 Week Rebalance 21 20 18 Full colour with mini manicure   15
White Tip Rebalance 27 25 23 French with mini manicure   20
Wow Bling Glitter

(Individually designed to your specification)

45 40 35      
Repairs     3.50


Removal of Nail Extensions and Express Manicure     15      




Free hand by consultation     from 2 Half Leg 20 Mins 9
Rhinestones     from 50p Full Leg 40 Mins 15
        Bikini Line 15 Mins 9


      Extended Bikini Line 25 Mins 12
Minx is a heat activated foil that shrink        Lips or Chin 5 Mins 3.50
wraps the nails giving fantastic designs       Lips and Chin 10 Mins 6.50
that last and last       Underarm 15 Mins 9
        Mens Back or Chest from 20 Mins 10
Minx Toes     15      
Minx Fingers     15




      Ear Piercing 5 Mins 15
Luxury Spa Manicure   60 Mins 22


with French Polish   70 Mins 24      
        Eyebrow Shape 10 Mins 5
A luxury citrus based spa manicure       Eyebrow Tint 7 Mins 5
which will leave your hands and arms       Eyelash Tint 15 Mins 6
feeling soft and smooth, looking radiant       Lash and Brow Tint 20 Mins 10
and smelling delicious! Includes hand            
nail diagnosis, files and buffing of the      


nail, cuticle treatment work, hand and      


arm exfoliation and moisturising,            
including heated mitts.      

3D Lashes (Individual hairs)

90 Mins 50
        3D in fills (Dependant on time)   from 15
File and Re-varnish   15 Mins 7 Ends 15 Mins 5
File and French Polish   20 Mins 10 Full Set 20 Mins 10
Including Diamonds     13 Lash Tint and Full Set Extensions 30 Mins 15


Luxury Spa Pedicure   60 Mins 27      
with French Polish   70 Mins 29      
All feet are born beautiful, then life takes            
its toll. As our feet lead us forward            
bearing our weight yet taken for            
granted. Spa pedicure is more than a            
treatment, it's a spa experience for the            
feet that touches the spirit and soothes            
every fibre of our being. With Spa            
Pedicure feet are refreshed, revitalised            
and renewed.            
File and Revarnish   15 Mins 7      
File and French Polish   20 Mins 10      
Including Diamonds     13      
Hollywood Acrylic Toes     25      
Glitter Gel Twinkle Toes     20      
Swarovski Crystal Toes     from 40