Kooky / Minx


This is the latest craze to hit the nail and beauty industry and boy is it big! It doesn’t matter which product you use the application process is exactly the same. Don’t be fooled by some instructions to use a hair dryer, not only does it not look very professional but it makes the process so much more awkward. They are a high performance vinyl film product designed to cover the nail plate. Heat is applied to the individual wraps, this process activates the adhesive on the underside of the wraps and also allows the technician to stretch the wrap for that perfect fit, literally ‘shrink wrapping’ the nail.


You will learn

Natural nail preparation of the hands and the feet. Application of the wraps on the hands and the feet. Individual tailoring for that bespoke nail. Price and marketing. Encasing the wraps in acrylic or gel.


You will need

To dress comfortably and professionally. Your own brush and usual tools of the trade. To have ordered your required kit prior to training date. You will also need to bring your certificate in nail services.


You will receive

An industry recognised certificate in the application of wraps/minx/glitz.


How much will it cost?

£80 +vat


Course duration

Half a day 10am – 2pm / 1pm – 4pm 


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